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The Resistance (Vines, Part I)

April 2, 2020

At high noon
I walk down the street
To the stream
To yank down vines
That climb
Up high
Into the tops of trees

They don’t belong here
Green shoots preying on old growth
Parasites stealing sunlight
Tiny tendrils choking out life
Spineless viruses looking for a host
Stately trees shrouded like ghosts
Ungrateful upstarts in slow-motion
Invisible, incremental predation
Evil vegetation

I will not stand for this
Not today
So while my kids play
I pull, yank, exert
Spine lengthening with effort
Calluses rising on digits
Muscles growing in armpits
Perspiration my inspiration
And even as I tire
The vines pile higher

When the catharsis
Is expended
we go home for lunch
I’ll be back tomorrow

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