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PROTIP: Vines, Part II

April 3, 2020

If you are alive during a pandemic
Definitely follow the news
You need to know what’s going on
But my suggestion is this:
Only listen to the news
while you are doing something about it

Like going for a walk
Or making a meal
Washing the car
Fixing the house
Planting a garden
pulling weeds

The latter is especially useful
Rife with metaphors and such
And once you’ve removed
All the parasites in sight
Do yourself a favor
And find you some vines

Some public space
Ignored by everyone
Year after year
Thus allowing
a viral outbreak
In slow motion

An otherwise innocuous growth
Overtaking the environment
Insidious invaders, inexorable
Spreading over the highest reaches
pathogenic canopy cutting off light
Choking out life

Cut them off at the ground
And start pulling
A hard jerking motion
Is especially effective
At tearing tiny tendrils
From the upper branches of trees

What you will see
Is that there were more vines than trees
That the light is streaming through
That your chin is now up
your face feeling the sun,

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