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Fresh Strength: Vines, Part III

April 10, 2020

Each day as I approach
I select my most evil nemesis
Hanging there, severed yet still fettered

The gloves go on, angles are considered
A couple tentative test tugs
Before force is applied

I’m not sure if I’m stronger or the vine is weaker
(very likely I am heavier than yesterday)
But these first few pulls are especially productive

The key is to apply constant pressure
To bend the limbs wrapped in vine
Straightening out any slack

But then, at the same time
to yank with intermittent ferocity
Tearing tendrils from tiny branches

Until you feel the slight slippage
A half inch of blessed movement
another, and another

vine sliding
Satisfyingly slipping to earth
Stacked with the rest

Then I continue to search
For the thick one I will leave
For tomorrow

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