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April 8, 2020

I know this nine-year-old
Emotionally elevated beyond her years
Who most every day
Looks up to ask,
“How are you doing?”
“How was your day?”
Even though I happen to be her father

And I tell her
Where I’ve been
While she was at school
what project I completed
Which friend I saw
how I helped her sisters
what I’ve been thinking about
what I’m worrying about

Now, even though we are stuck
Day after day after day
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Same after same after same
She still grabs my hand
Asks those same questions
Though she sees what I’m doing
All the time
The projects
The cooking
The cleaning
And though she well understands
What is worrying me

She knows that there is something interior
Some center to our cells
Some obligation toward growth
Some craving for human connection
Some drive to get out of bed
Some motivation to move forward
though we are standing still

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