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April 26, 2019

do this, if you dare:
go to an elementary school
band concert

but don’t look at the kids

sit in front
then turn around
to see the parents

broad smiles
straining their faces

shameless waving
earnest thumbs-upping

snaps and videos
on cell phones and tablets

look closer
into their eyes
filled with pride
sick with affection
intoxicated with hope

see their faces
old and young
rich and poor
from every tongue, tribe, and nation

feel the
contractions endured
diapers changed
books read
food prepared
clothes cleaned
bedtimes enforced

count the
hours worked
keys clicked
shovels pushed
meals prepared
borders crossed
hammers pounded
wrenches turned
bossed obeyed
corporations served

and feel your own heart

the strength
and determination
the beauty
and duty

there is nothing that will derail this
no obstacle they will not climb
no challenge they will quit
no foe they will not fight
no danger they will not flee
they will die before they stop

this is love:
the most pure, powerful force
on earth

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  1. Diane says:

    Excellent work! Love this one.

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