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Looks Like Rain

April 27, 2019

legend holds that such was Grandpa’s love of Fig Newtons
and of his beloved grandson Erik
that he once introduced the former to the latter
encouraging the young boy to cut the sweetness
with a scary black elixir known as ‘coffee’

it was a moment of quiet in his workday
to stop for a minute
drop the tailgate of his pickup truck
sit down
unscrew the top of his battered steel thermos
open up the store-bought cookies
look up at the sky
breathe the air
(whether humid or chilly or freezing)
and pause
sweetness mixing with bitter warmth
life enjoyed and appreciated

after I loaded up the tools today
I made my own cup of coffee
grabbed a handful of Fig Newtons
and headed out the door

Grandpa would have teased me
about my single-cup Silicon Valley brewing method
but he would have been intrigued by the hybrid car
fascinated by the tall green grass at the jobsite
excited about my fancy new saw

but mostly he would have looked up at the cloudy sky
with impending rain
and reminded me to be thankful

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