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April 12, 2019

there once lived a man named Dave Stavlund
according to the legend
he washed the car of his youth every day
(especially while courting the future Mrs. Stavlund)

if he taught you to wash a car
he told you why you wash the car
and how you wash the car
where to start
what next
and after that
and what to do last
and why
always why
(because that’s most important)

top down
except the tires come first
(because they are the dirtiest)

keep your towel clean
until it’s no longer clean
because you wiped out the door jambs and trunk lid
(with a towel that was now damp)

cars are washed in the rain
in icy cold
in blazing heat
(but only in the shade)

towels are important
not only clean
but curated
(his were assiduously stolen from midwestern motels)

deep indoctrination so that
decades later
you will keep your supplies in a bucket
stack the towels on a top shelf
follow the same routine
every single time
and think of him
(thanks be to God)

a preacher once said
that the artist who sculpted
the Statue of Liberty
carefully crafted her hair
even though
there was at that time
no way for folks to see it
and this is why we
always clean the car
before getting it dirty
on a road trip

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