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Stavlund Strong

April 2, 2017

One of my earliest memories
sitting with my younger brother
sweatshirt hoods pulled tight
against the cold
my dad turns to us
to answer the question
of why we are
helping a neighbor load up
a moving truck
“We are Stavlunds
we have strong backs
and we help others move”

Actually and really
I’m pretty sure
my brother and I
watched figure skating
that day,
until the console TV
was finally loaded
but as we grew,
and with our new sister,
we put our backs to boxes
lifted couches
set up the beds at the new places
swept out the trucks
again and again

I’m older now
than he was then
so I know what he knew:
if our backs are strong
it’s because we use them
if we help others
it’s because we are others
if we are good
it’s because we choose good

three months ago
I used my back
to carry his strong back
for the first
and last
back to the good earth
back to the dirt
back to the rest
of all Stavlunds

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