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time machine

February 7, 2017

The mysteries of the universe
are far out of reach
my physics education ended
with Sir Isaac’s apple to the head

but by sheer, dumb luck
I’ve found a portal
some kind of wormhole
a vortex of time and space

round and round and round
oak slats passing under skates
vibrations trembling my body
just like in the sci-fi movies

once I’m up to speed
I am in 1982 Rockford, Illinois
and 2017 Manassas, Virginia
at the very same time

circling the event horizon
left foot held steady to the past
while the right foot pushes off
propelling me to the future

racing away from the nervous kid I was
worried about the alpha male strutting past
and the girls who didn’t even notice me
just trying to survive, scared

happier now than he ever could have known
with little to prove
and every reason
for the grin
as I go round and round
chasing the girls
who call me ‘Daddy’

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