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The Principle

April 7, 2016

he called his robot ‘The Principle’
because that’s what this was all about
a responsive droid
designed to hit all the clicks and ‘submits’
in all of the online corporate trainings
that dwindled human brains
all over the planet

screen after screen that explained
why we would never do ‘X’
(not because it was wrong,
or unethical, or unkind,
but because it was bad
for The Corporation)
followed by screen after screen
with clunky quizzes asking
‘should you do ‘X’?’

the robot was years in development
expensive, inefficient,
heating up the entire room where it worked
moreover, it required constant tinkering
and emitted a sharp smell of sulfur
but it also allowed its creator
to sit beside it,
writing angry poems

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