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flawed fidelity

April 10, 2016

we call it ‘Sibling Day’
posting photos
with soft focus
depicting sweetness
gentle memories

the reality, of course
is no snapshot
my brother and I were consistently,
insistently, unapologetically,
ceaselessly mean to our little sister
without cause,
for no reason

but woe unto the boys
who dared to mess with her
who encroached into our space
of daily unkindness!!
woe indeed

our terror redirected,
we lay in wait
along Woodside Drive
waiting for the offenders
to overstep our boundaries

feet flying over asphalt
war cries echoing off split-level homes
arriving in short order
in front of two flat-footed bullies
quickly pivoting away from Pam

advantage: Stavlund
looking down on lesser foes
pitched threats of recompense
and a down payment of a solitary gut punch
we then escorted our precious sister home
carrying her lunch box for good measure

of course we were punished
as was befitting two home-grown terrorists
bulliers of bullies; dispensers of violence
but I think I saw a twinkle in Mom’s eye
when she handed down the sentence

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