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Another Tuesday

June 3, 2015

it’s more than the pie that you made
(in a rush, and with chirpy kids underfoot)
flaky crust yielding quickly to fork
mulberries barely seasoned with sugar
so they actually taste like mulberries
perhaps the best pie ever to cross my lips

no, it’s more than that which brings a tear to my eye
it’s lithe kids climbing through spindly branches
industrious pulleys of kitchen twine and stained baskets
innumerable half-full ziplock bags conveyed into the house
deposits patiently added to an old Mason jar
until the impossible goal is met

this dessert is much, much more than that
this pie, my love, is a gift to our subsequent loves
a reminder to us all of the abundance
waiting right outside our bedroom window
The Creator smiling and supplying
our every need

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