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out of the pool

April 25, 2015

the sink-or-swim instructor
never smiled
never laughed
greeted excellence with callousness
success with indifference
apologies with derision
ever and always
with a stone-faced withering gaze
like a Marine having a bad day

parents were afraid to approach
and their kids already knew better

so when I see her at the grocery store
I instantly know exactly
who she is
my mouth dry as an empty swimming pool
but I owe her a debt
for giving my daughter
skills, strokes, confidence
so I step forward

she is entirely, unexpectedly
effusive, grinning, engaging
I thought I’d get a stingy, squinty nod
but instead I’m treated to
intense conversation
…that goes on a bit too long
she ignores my escapist eye movements
as well as the chirps from her cell phone

I want to ask
if this is part of her method
split personality
to get the most from her students
but I’m still scared

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