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April 1, 2015

walking away from the grave
fingers feeling sharp pain
cold toes shuffling through snow
a panic pops up:
“How will Grandpa stay warm?”
glance over the shoulder
remembering that he feels no pain

on the eve of the funeral
fingers finding words
to tell that weathered story
then suddenly clasping your mouth shut
to stifle the surprised sobs
“Oh, she’s really gone!”

plowing through a filing cabinet
fingers shuffling through papers
fat file resting on knees
thick with details
dates, dosages, diagnoses,
but now utterly unimportant
because health is no longer a concern

fingers clutching dirt
cold soil absorbing warmth
then casting over the casket
hollow metal resounding
with the words
“earth to earth,¬†ashes to ashes,
dust to dust”

the finality cuts
like a knife
but also
like a scalpel
separating our persistent imaginations
from the reality right before us


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