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April 15, 2015

in her almost nine years
she never knew
her parents owned

they are extricated
from the shed
carried reverently down to the street
which is suddenly transformed
into a really nice wave

not knowing what she doesn’t know
she doesn’t wait or worry
tentative at first
but soon rolls solo
weight low, carving right
practicing the tricky backside turn
gliding side to side
down the street

she is free
hair flowing from underneath
her helmet
wide grin uncontained

the inevitable happens
as it must
two knees meet asphalt
crying of course
even wailing a bit
but walking back to the house
she asks if we can do it again

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2 Responses to “fierce”

  1. Brad says:

    Sidewalk surfing leads to lifelong addictions and can be hazardous to one’s health. Beware. GO, GIRL!!!

  2. Maria says:

    BRAVO SVB!! Honestly, this whole history bteewen Eric and Niall never bothered me. I’m glad you decided to write blog posts about it, because it does seem like it created some unrest within our fandom and something needed to be said about it! Yay! Glad that person is you, because your book blog posts are AWESOME! I think Eric told Niall that Sookie needed protecting for a number of reasons besides the ones you mentioned above. I think it was also because of the trunk scene with Sookie and Bill. Eric knew how badly she was affected by it, since he found them in the trunk together. Eric had been raped by Appius when he was first turned into a vampire, so he knew how rape affects a person. Bill lives next door to Sookie and Eric couldn’t be there 100% of the time. I think we could add that to one of the reasons why Eric requested Niall send someone else to look after her. What do you think? As for if this is comparable to Bill and QSA I think there’s a difference bteewen them. When it comes to Bill and QSA, QSA sent Bill to Bon Temps with the exact purpose of getting close to Sookie, and eventually turning Sookie over to QSA to use for her gain. With Eric and Niall I think Eric didn’t know her until he met her in DUD. It was by chance that Sookie was investigating a murder, which led her to Fangtasia to find out who may have done it. Eric didn’t set out to meet her first, it was the other way around. Whereas, Bill was the one who showed up on Sookie’s doorstep (so to speak) first. I think neither Eric and Niall wanted to get too involved with Sookie’s life (well, maybe except for Eric who wanted to get in her pants. LOL), but they would be there in case she needed it. I don’t feel like there was any malicious intent with Eric and Niall, like there was with Bill and QSA. Looking forward to reading Part 2!! 13 likes

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