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On Writing

April 1, 2014

…as I take the plunge of another NaPoWriMo challenge of writing a poem every day for the next month.

on a pilgrimage to the writing guru
he summits the mountain
with a file folder
full of idea, plans, and proposals
clutched to his chest
looking for her
to put some order to it
a great grand plan
books lined up to the horizon
“Don’t save anything”
she says certainly
and so he does
(or, rather, doesn’t)
takes all the stories and ideas
crammed into the plans
and puts them to page
followed by those
that bubble up
into his consciousness
uses them all
writing fast
transcribing the words
before they are gone
he has discovered
a giant aquifer
subterranean wonder
the whole world floats on it
a flood of words
waiting to flow forth
and nourish the earth
like a good marriage
writing is like a leap
from a cliff
finding beautiful leaves floating
as the writer rushes down
eventually coming
to a gentle rest
on a nest
of even more leaves
piled at the bottom

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  1. Liz W. says:

    Way to launch, Mike.

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