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Midrash on Lazarus

April 6, 2014

This morning’s worship gathering centered on the Lectionary readings for today, and included a time for folks to write midrash for just five minutes.  This is where my wondering led me.

Being a Messiah is not easy, but Jesus was pretty sure he was getting the hang of it.  So he might have been the slightest bit snippy with his crew.  Pedantic. Cryptic. Obfuscating, and even confusing. He drug his feet to draw out the drama. Then eventually worn down by all of their questions and concerns, he relented and got on the road to Judea.

Still a bit aloof, he walked distractedly alongside his friends, imagining how he would do this, working out the blocking in his head.

They arrived, to more talking and speechifying and cryptic conversation.  Martha was a bit perturbed, and Jesus couldn’t figure out exactly why.  So he did his best to be instructive and appropriately Messianic.

Drawing out the drama even more, he walked toward the tomb where many others were gathered.  And it hit him like an ocean wave.  The weeping and wailing were contagious.  Overwhelmed, he joined in the chorus, barely able to deliver his lines.

Later, composed and back on the road, he asked his crew, “Hey, what was that back there, guys?”

Perplexed, they responded, “Jesus, that was grief”.

“Oh,” he said, “I had no idea”.

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