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October 26, 2013
“It looks good!”

These were the understated words of the Nurse Navigator at the melanoma clinic, just a few quiet ticks after I had tacked-on a non sequitor to our phone conversation about wound care.  I had asked the simple question, “Have my pathology reports come back yet, Hugh?”, then waited as he clicked on the computer for a minute. I had previously been told that only the surgeon would share the results with me, so this was mostly a shot in the dark.  But he was completely forthcoming:

“It looks good!”
The two lymph nodes that were removed last week showed no signs of metastasis, and the entire excision on my leg did not reveal any further melanoma.  It seems that the initial excision of the mole three weeks ago must have gotten everything, in spite of earlier reports.  It was the best possible news, and it seemed a bit too good to be true.
Even several hours later, I’m still bouncing between shock and relief.  The time that has been moving so slowly is now rushing me toward the future that suddenly seems much less daunting.  The bookmark I had put in the middle of my life story can hopefully be removed.  The ‘pause’ I had pressed on the next months and years can now be traded for ‘play’ as I (tentatively, cautiously) move toward the future (but not so much into the sun).

In the next few days, I’ll learn more about the concerns about recurrence, survival rates, and the methods of prevention and detection of further melanoma.  And I’ll start worrying about the microscopic melanoma that might still be coursing through my body.  But for now, I’m breathing again and rejoicing in the relief I feel for myself and my family and my friends.  Looking forward to getting back to a life that feels much less threatening and foreboding.



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5 Responses to “relieved”

  1. Excellent news Mike. Thanks for sharing. Glory be to God.

  2. Jen says:

    This I fabulous news!

  3. Leah Tomlinson says:

    Where two or more are gathered in my name…..PTL! I’m going to continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. Blessings.

  4. Eliacin says:

    Such good news. Gospel indeed. Peace be with you brother.

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