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June 30, 2013

we call them ‘estate sales’
but we know what they are
vultures circling the dead
or nearly so

your kids didn’t pretend
that they were treasures
everything marked at $1
sentimentality left at the door

refusing, too
to put on a happy face
“No, she’s not well”
followed by stony silence

they love you fiercely
that much is clear
holding vigil in your home
of many, many years

doing this work
that must be done
welcoming strangers
into a holy place

I picked up the steel pan
slightly smaller than standard
shiny metal mocking
slick modern ‘nonstick’

scouring it later,
I wonder
were you too blind to see the corners
or too weak to make them clean

I am so sorry.

I promise you this, though:
I will make something delicious with it
to feed my own children
in the hope that they will love me
as yours do

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