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April 26, 2013

sometimes when I speak

I hear my father’s voice

especially when I’m at Sears

grumping a labyrinthine course

from department to department

building to building

looking for lawnmower parts


and walking across the parking lot

muttering to myself (as he taught me)

I remember 9th grade shop class

when, in need of small engine

to disassemble and reassemble

he didn’t buy one

at the local repair shop

as was the custom

but instead unbolted

the Briggs and Stratton

from the trusty red mower

the only mower, really

and took it to school


where I diligently took it apart

scrubbing the parts as I went

ground the valves

new piston rings

put it all back together

as my father and his father had done

with their own explorations

in internal combustion


and in the Spring

heard not a word from dad

about that strange idle problem

the engine ramping up,

then dropping off

before ramping up again

the quick cadence

became the new rhythm

for mowing the lawn

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