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September 14, 2012

Thanks to the fine folks at Baker Publishing Group, we hosted a little contest on this website last week:  leave a comment on a post, and be in a drawing to win a free copy of Phyllis Tickle’s magisterial Emergence Christianity.   There was a nice response, and when my pure, innocent second daughter reached her hand into my hipster hat**, she pulled out the name….

Rod Delaney!

…who is not only from an exotic land called ‘Canada’, but who is apparently such a celebrity there that the entire street where he lives has been named after him!  The aforementioned daughter and I were pleased to fill out the requisite customs form at the Post Office today to send Phyllis’ book on its way. We hope he enjoys it, and plans to venture south for the live event featuring the very same Phyllis Tickle in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee in January.  The BBQ will be epic, and the lectures will be even better.


** My mention of this ‘hipster hat’ has raised some questions, which I am grateful for the opportunity to answer.  My go-to hat for working around the house (okay, I will also wear it to the supermarket, demolition derby, and other informal public functions) is a Stihl (pronounced with a slight sneer, “Steel”) trucker style hat.  Orange in the front, and mesh in the back.  The biggest reason I wear this hat is because it is one of the few lids that fits on my outsized head, but I have my ancillary motivations.  After studying the hat for several days at Wild Goose Fest, my perceptive friend Rick Bennett smiled and concluded that, “It is ironic, and it sincere, at the same time”.  This assertion I heartily endorsed, for when hipsters are around, the hat plays to a kind of ironic meta-narrative about myself.  However, when worn at a lumberyard, hardware store, or rural campground, the hat is a kind of comforting identity marker conveying a sense of faith in the good people indigenous to such environments.  

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