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April 12, 2012

when the building caught fire
he thought it might be a dream
because he heard himself wondering
“if your house caught fire, what would you grab?”
the party icebreaker come to life in smoke and flames

the first thing was the computer of course
filled as it was with photos and memories
repository for thoughts and contemplations

but then it was some simple things:

there was the canvas coat that kept him warm until it was ragged
the denim coat that had done the same for his Grandpa
the Bible which he had underlined until it underlined him

the hammer, an extension of his arm
boon companion that hung by his side
with a thousand stories to tell

the art painted by his wife and friends
the pistol, a gift from his dad
the rifle, a gift from his second father

the small Swedish coffee cup
that launched a thousand mornings
“Var så god”

escaped with these things
and his life
standing on the sidewalk
with his wife
and with his kids
he was thankful

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