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Shame, Part 2

April 7, 2012

twenty years later, that same kid
is back in the Midwest
winding through Chicago city streets
outrunning his anxiety
going all in to try to capture
a number below ‘3’

leaning through a tight right turn
now heading south
morning sun on the left
he looks around to see a pack of runners
fierce, relaxed, breathing big and full
stretching out long, smooth strides
cruising their way past sixteen miles
making this look easy

full of admiration for these real athletes
he blinks again to look down at his own legs
to listen to his own breathing
to measure his own effort
to note that he too is just past sixteen miles
pretending that this is easy
pulling along with the pack

when the water bottle starts heading his way
he is not interested
full as he is of twenty ounces of Gatorade
and more than a little skeeved out
by the germs being passed around
but he takes a big swig anyway
before passing the bottle on
grateful for a taste
a chance to toast
the glorious wonder
of finally being a member
of the team

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  1. Jessica says:

    Great poem…you captured the experience of running a marathon vividly.

    Here’s mine:

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