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Missing Person

April 14, 2012

he simply disappeared one day
dropped out of life completely
didn’t even bother to close his Facebook account
just left up the last enigmatic post about breakfast
never to be seen again

his family followed a tiny paper trail
to a final credit card charge
at the landscape equipment store
$720 for a Stihl FC110 edger
5 extra blades
a case of 2-cycle oil
and four large gas cans

they didn’t pursue it any further
but instead listened with interest
to the talk around town
of a renegade sidewalk edger
a modern Johnny Appleseed
bringing sharp edges
to walks all around the town

they understood precisely how
he would find such joy in that definitive work
putting behind him
innumerable endless tasks
and un-completable projects
in favor of straight edges to the horizon
clean lines between concrete and grass
solitary indulgence of his compulsions

in their mind’s eye they could see him
sometimes passing up a stretch
that was well maintained
making a quick run
at a house that was a little shaggy
and grinning at the places
where the grass had grown over
by a foot or more
leaving behind only the shadow of dirt
to be bleached by the sun

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