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April 1, 2012

A (Magic) Kingdom Epiphany

I am the dad
which is why
I saddle myself
with two bags
and a giant stroller
why I stand
on the shuttle bus
wedging the folded stroller
against the wall
bracing it with my leg
pulling against it with my arm

and, I suppose
this is why
you want to stand
to test the physics
of the thing, yes,
but also
because your dad does it

and so
on the last night
I’m proud when you say
you want to stand, too
proud to have you
stand next to me

holding on yourself
looking at me
and me at you
in the darkness
mutual pride
across time
and space

but when you’re pressed against
by that preoccupied woman
I speak up
make room for you
to join me

standing in front of me
you come up to my ribs
(how did this happen?)
you hold onto the stroller
while I hold the stroller up
and hold you up
my flat hand
against your solar plexus
constraining your center mass
(physics, again)
but also a way
for me to feel
the life
of you
heartbeat, breath
vibrations of your voice

I can’t tell you enough
that I love you
so the flat of my hand
must do

you are here,
and I am here
what is it
that keeps all of us alive?
on this blue orb?
the wonder of it
brings tears
in the dark

I cannot let myself
dwell on it
for more than 15 seconds
or I shall be undone

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