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Truth in Beauty

March 31, 2012

Every day
I wonder if you are really there
take a few of my sorrows
out of the box
rub off the tarnish
to keep them fresh

to question,
to doubt,
to wonder
for me, this is faith
honest, earthy,

but then comes a perfect spring day
miles of blossoming trees
blinding in the perfectly diffused light
of a blue-sky sunset
air calm, filled with the scent
of the flowers, intoxicating

right when the sun sets
a breeze stirs, followed by a wind
beauty fills the air
white petals everywhere
kids dancing circles
in the warm snow

I can’t dance
so I stand agape
as the wind carries
my doubts away
at least for this day
I am certain

low-light photo by Stacy Stavlund

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