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Lent, Day Two

February 26, 2012

(yes, I know Lent started days ago, but some of us prefer to be fashionably late to their liturgical observances)

the morning started
before morning
with Girl #3
hollering against something
but finally settling down
forty minutes at a time
before shouting

so pleased indeed
was I
when Girl #2
stealthily awoke
and moved down
quiet as a mouse
from her shared attic bedroom
to lay next to me
while I went back to sleep

some time later
Girl #1 made it through
the gauntlet too
leaving #3 sleeping alone upstairs

greeting #1 with elation,
I quietly inquired
as to whether the attic door
was closed
so her littlest sister could sleep
asked her to quietly close it

the sound of the door slamming
was followed by #2
pitching a fit on the floor
in front of the door
kicking and screaming
because she had not been
afforded the pleasure
of slamming the door herself

my response was sourced
somewhere other than 1 Corinthians 13
which left everyone crying

every time I slow down
for a spiritual inventory
‘patience’ rises to the top
of the to-do list
standing there
in smug condescension

I am sick and tired of patience
it never comes quick enough
but it is always waiting for me

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