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Certainty at the DC Cohort

November 5, 2011

           “But that’s the thing with certainty, it’s got it’s hooks in me, it just won’t let me be”

                                                                              ‘You & I’ by Ryan Sharp and The Cobalt Season

What is certainty, and why does it have such a pull on us? Recent brain research suggests that ‘certainty’ is nothing more than a biochemical byproduct.  But even if it is simply a psychological phenomena, we all know how powerfully people yearn to be certain.  Even in emergence churches– which typically embrace a kind of epistemic humility–there is a constant struggle for and against certainty.  Indeed, many of us might be most sure about our desire to be uncertain.

For the November meeting of the Emergent Village DC Cohort, I will lead us in a conversation on certainty.  Is it detrimental to the formation of communities of faith, or is it a necessary part of being human, or is it both?  How can we be sure?

We’ll be gathering Tuesday, November 8 at Nando Peri Peri (819  7th Street NW DC 20001).  Please email Sara at if you plan to attend.

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