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The Roofer

September 6, 2011

(a poem for the sleepless night before the first day of Kindergarten)

the gentle rain should be a comfort
a lovely white noise to lull him to sleep
but the roofer can hear only interrogators
searching for a defect in his work
a misplaced nail, a faulty flashing
a vent miscut, a soft spot revealed

millions of assassins
all searching for what he has missed
to destroy the precious dwelling beneath
the noise a cacophony of critique
an inquiry, an inquisition
insistent drops of accusation
keeping him awake
while his children sleep in bliss

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2 Responses to “The Roofer”

  1. Mike Croghan says:


    Good luck today! (To you guys, that is; Ella’s gonna thrive and doesn’t need my luck.). :-)

  2. Ryan Sharp says:

    Feel ya.

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