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Grande Dame

September 19, 2011

(cross-posted from the CT blog)

on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of her lady, Common Table Church

the lodge rises up beside the highway
at the foot of misty mountains
three looming stores of substantial structure

wood, everywhere
of every species and use

columns suspending balconies
porches and walkways
massive stringers receiving strong steps
delicate muntins surrounding wavy glass
wide, smooth floors that roll underfoot
wainscoting climbing to chair rails
curving staircases with fat railings
plain doors and thin siding

carved bed frames
dressers and chests of thick drawers
dovetailed together, forever

tall baseboards, delicate moldings
and even behind plaster
sturdy studs stretch
twelve feet to floors above

we are supposed to call this ‘waste’
an unwise use of resources
a grand forest reduced to a single building
these trees should yet stand
unmolested and serving their ancient ecosystems
but I’d say they gave their lives
for something grand

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