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April 3, 2011

they say we should live life
in reverse
retire when we’re young and able
work when we know better
go to school when we’re smart

if I live 30 more years
I’ll throw caution to the wind
take up smoking
quit sunscreen
and skim milk
leave books lying around

it’ll be
pancakes for breakfast
twice-cooked pork for lunch
cheese for dinner
whiskey for dessert

I’ll turn up my music
wear socks outside
leave the sawdust
lying on the driveway
and hang the toolbelt
right on the bedpost

I’ll go to the beach
and sit there
staring at the horizon
or paddle out on a surfboard
just to float and feel the waves

if I have teeth
I’ll consume gummy bears
and wink at my wife
when she asks why


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3 Responses to “seventy”

  1. Gary S. says:


  2. Wouldn’t it be whiskey for breakfast and pancakes for dessert? Ha! Love the concept!

  3. Erin S says:

    ditto what Gary said! one of my favorites so far.

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