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April 22, 2011

there is an art to doing nothing
with managing expectations of a day spent home with three kids
for when one longs to accomplish much, disappointment is inevitable
but planning to do nothing is an invitation to misery and insanity

so rise early and dream big, but don’t move your feet
stand still and embrace the day as it presents itself to you
notice the crayon drawings and flowers and dandelions
throw rocks into the stream and wander to the park

seize the day like an Elmo doll sitting in a miniature pink stroller
bouncing down the sidewalk and into the bushes
taking it as it comes, enjoying the ride,
and flopping down boneless at day’s end

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  1. I really adore this poem. I spend a lot of time searching for intriguing topics, but this reminds me that my sweet little daughter and the days we spend together are also the stuff of poetry. Plus, the idea of incorporating Elmo into a poem is a revelation. Thanks!

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