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January 26, 2011

on a windy winter’s eve
the kids sit with bellies full
watching one more Dora before bed

everything blinks off
then on again
then off, then on

as Daddy explains
with not a little lilt in his voice
that we’re about to have an adventure

the darkness encroaches
as they gather two candles
warm a bottle on gas
pull on warm pajamas
and settle in

in the candle’s flicker
the little girl turns pages
reciting the story from memory

and when everyone is quiet
Dad sits in the dark
to wait

to worry
about how cold the house will get
how thick the water
in the pipes will grow
how many hours
before the battery on his Kindle quits
and he goes insane

are his feet really getting colder,
or is that some kind of metaphor?

he reflects on this
ephemeral electricity
that is not essential
but instrumental
to his very survival

how it pushes back the panic–

–oh, wait, it’s back!

where’s the remote?

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