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September 7, 2010

in my overflowing life
frayed at the edges
by staying up and waking up
I live in an eternal ‘now’
and when I’m very tired
–as I often am–
I’ll hear a whimper
and remember that I’ve forgotten
that there is an extra voice in the house
a happy recollection
that the girls now number three

like an old slot machine
the names spin in my head
until they line up properly
voice matched with person
persona paired with face

when I’m between waking and sleeping
my brain enacts the scene
– which is actually the case–
that I have four children
I hear the voice of my son
completing the quartet
their collective cry
that things are not as they should be

I awaken from this reality
neither sad nor happy
but a bit surprised
and deeply grateful
to know that my life
is fuller than I realize

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