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July 22, 2010

HT to Sandy the Psychiatrist and her brilliant insight that many forms of faith more closely resemble neurotic thinking.


no worry
nor wonder
refusing to feel bad
loose logic
rote responses
insulating himself with soft answers
blocking questions
ignoring the possibility that God is not there
avoiding a relationship with the Unpredictable
escaping reality
he sits in ordered isolation


Bob loved Sally
and it was great
she loved him back
which was wonderful
they married
and it was rapture

but when the flames died down
(as they inevitably will)
Bob knew
just what to do

he sequestered himself
in a shed behind their house
to write and think
and figure it all out

finally, after days and years
he appeared, smiling
clutching a heavy volume
(three, actually):
his Systematic Sally-ology

she was nonplussed
and even put out
but he barely noticed
as he rushed past her
to the print shop
to make many copies

insights into his beloved
what many had considered

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    Love the post.

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