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June 13, 2010

…for all the babies and new love that are blossoming all around me.


I have several friends
in the throes of love
that early passion
that straightens their slouch
and sparkles their eyes

I watch them
bowled over
by the affirming, grounding,
centering, astounding
of being loved

like a flower coming into bloom

a guitar finding its tune

the sound as the final coat
of drywall compound
smooths onto the wall
and the magic final piece of trim

ties the room together

love completes us

we are all loved


and on the other side
my friends give of their love
in the great grand dance
called reciprocity

loving as they are loved
like an athlete expending themself
with a long run or ride or row
trusting that in this emptying
they will be refilled
that in this giving
they will be fulfilled
that in this weakness
they will be remade

we are all loved

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