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Common Scribe

April 5, 2010

Some poetic observations of Common Table‘s Easter retreat:

(Co)mandy Thursday

unceremonious ceremony
simple obedience
(and literal)
to a clear command:

“wash some feet, y’all!”

so with water and towel
and a plastic bin that carried bagels

feet are washed

brothers and sisters
Masters and padawans
preschoolers and graduates
respected and overlooked

all of us
with dirty feet
and now dirty hands
as the bagel basin fills up

Good Friday

on a trail
of tears
I tread
worn deep
by generations
and mothers
heroes and sheroes

all following this path
that first bore the scratch
of heavy wood
but now
by thousands of shuffling steps

following this man
maligned and misunderstood
abused and accused
yet guilty only of peace
love, healing
an insurrection of the old order

I look up
to see
this path is hard,
but not hostile
verdance surrounds
up to the sky
the burden is heavy
but there is light ahead

and along the path
the generations
wait in the shadows
with silent groans
urging us on

Holey Saturday

the bright sun casts long shadows
little voices lilt outside
while grownups consider

immovable stones

listening to the quiet
inquiring of the silence
in the space
of unknowing

Broad Shoulders (sitting Shiva for our dreams)

God of the universe
bearer of our iniquities
and our expectations

Lord of heaven and earth
receiver of our adoration
and our blame

with grace and love
you withstand our questions
patiently letting us grow

and so
if I may
I’d like to ask one more:

what is it like
to absorb so much angst
to listen to so many screams at the sky
and to love us anyway?

thank you

Easter Ascent

barefoot pilgrims
ascend the hill
to the sunrise

gathering to hear
the old story
no less shocking

and to answer two questions:
“why weepest thou?”
“whom seek you?”

we weep for our dead dreams
we seek hope
we long for resurrection

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