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February 14, 2010

you stand

with your hand
on the doorknob

or float
into a conference room
or leave
for vacation

wondering what you’ve left behind
vague sense of dread
vain struggle to remember
what might be forgotten

he stands

on a bright day
in the midst of a nice week
in an otherwise happy life
with the memory of a son

undercurrent, undermining

by nothing in particular

off unrelated events
a quilt
old photos
a city block
a glossy hospital looming
over a parking lot

an infant with bright eyes

the warm home of friends

weight pressing down
presence all around
warmth and cold
swirling through soul

holding vigil, even still

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One Response to “wait”

  1. randy buist says:

    May I be present here too?
    As a friend I want to embrace. You.
    I know your pain is so real.
    For this lifetime we will walk as friends.
    We will feel this pain until we grow old and die.
    In the midst of this reality, we hold onto the resurrection.
    On your face and in your words I see the face of God. (minus that facial crap of course)

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