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From the Mouths of Babes

October 29, 2009

It’s almost a cliche in therapeutic circles these days to say, “Anger is a secondary emotion”.  We all know that […] [continue…]

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Escape from Zombieland

October 27, 2009

My final day of Christianity 21 was actually the day after the event.  It was one of those bonus days […] [continue…]

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October 14, 2009

I’ll just say it up front:  I’m a raving, stuttering, embarrassing fan of Russell Rathbun.  His unbelievably funny and insightful […] [continue…]

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On the Radio

October 11, 2009

While visiting the mecca of Minneapolis, I was honored to sit in on a live session of Doug Pagitt Radio.

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C21 Poems, Part 3

October 10, 2009

(inspired by Danielle Shroyer and Makeesha, respectively) Lady Church If she’s not careful she’ll imagine that she’s sitting still a […] [continue…]

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C21 Poems, Part 2

(inspired by Kelly Bean and Julie Clawson) Do-ability if I had a hammer I’d put it down close up the […] [continue…]

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the voices echooff the stone walls,stained glass,and wooden ceiling swirling, interminglingdissonant harmonypolyvalent cacophony escapingthrough the hallsof historypast and future

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