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Moltmannia: Turning Japanese

September 22, 2009

Due in no small part to my preponderance of words about Moltmann of late, my Common Table peeps gave me a friendly ultimatum on our camping trip this weekend:  all comments about the ‘Mann must be in the form of a haiku.  Because I like a challenge (and because I learned in A Broad Place that Moltmann feels a great affinity for several Japanese theologians), I scratched these out around the fire.

a tiny briefcase
an extra shirt, and a smile
Jurgen travels light

be a peace-maker
take not arms for the homeland
but kill the Führer

he cries out for help
suffers an utter silence
God is forsaken

and then, because once you start counting syllables it’s hard to stop, I found this poem the next morning while on a walk with my little Lu:

haze hangs all around
sunshine streaming from above
Big Meadow morning

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