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A Good Day

September 1, 2009

Today was a day spent almost entirely at the new house, helping the plumber who is installing our slick new tankless water heater (and giving us an unbelievable deal on replacing the 70-year old pipes and running new gas service to all of the appliances and mechanicals). Once he got done, I got in my groove with the final floor framing details and laying the subfloor. And a deep groove it was, as I thoroughly enjoyed the old sensation of moving with efficiency and purpose from one task to the next. But what happened toward the end of my day let me know that greater forces were at work: at one point, I measured for two blocks, then reached for the shortest piece of two-by-eight laying on the floor. I measured out for one block at one end of the piece, then flipped it around to measure the second block. The space between my two pencil marks was the exact width of a saw blade. One stroke with the Skilsaw and I was relishing the rare gift of a two-for one.

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