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July 8, 2009

…in three movements:

like a slug of gin

it burns going down
bite of juniper
aftertaste of immovability


we’ve been over this
You and me
or rather, me

I heard your invitation
to argue
to reason together
and so I did
anger, disillusionment
questions, pain
and you just listened

I saw your invitation
to wrestle
to be Israel
and so I did

long, grim matches
sweating, straining
great groaning effort

and you just sat

I felt your heart of love

empathy stretched wide
from the corners of the earth
to the ends of time
compassion writ large
yet quiet

now, like you,
I’m flat, unmoved
the great grand effort of grief
and nothing to show

except my own mute acceptance

staring at bins of tiny clothes
which I know,
but cannot remember
overwhelming insult
absorbed into my flesh
leaving simple sadness


they call me a technomad
floating over the surface
making my way where I will
tent easily pitched,
then moved
yet with one stake
that does not budge

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