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The Shine

July 15, 2009

I’ve been a fool.

For years, wise people who are trusted musical advocates– most notably my brother-in-law and his brilliant wife– have urged me to listen to the Avett Brothers. And I can’t exactly understand why, but I’ve almost completely ignored that advice. But those days are over.

I found this gem, a tiny desk concert where the brothers and their band gather around a single microphone to do their thing. Oh, my. The supple bass, the resonant guitar, and most especially the twangy banjo next to the rich cello have me undone. And that’s not to mention the vocals. Plus, you get a real sense of their humility and humor. Oh, sure, the cello could come up in the mix a bit, but come on! they’re in an office, gathered around one mic.

The only problem is this: though I am fully repentant and now have money in hand to delve into some of their full-length albums, I have very little motivation to do so. I just keep playing these three songs time and again.

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2 Responses to “The Shine”

  1. timothy says:

    buy, buy, buy. you need this music to inspire the work on the new house. we owe are entire remodel to these brothers.

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