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Chris and Wendell

July 9, 2009

My friend Chris is a rather unique individual, to say the least. For example, he is an admitted technophile who has a naked hatred of the internet. So he blogs for awhile, then pulls down his site, only to return to renew his grump against the medium. Thank goodness his wife Cassie can’t keep a secret, and lets the world know that he’s back at it.

But even better than his post– and even better than the article he links– are the gems he leaves laying in the right margin. He venerates the esteemed Wendell Berry, and with good reason (the fact that they share a distaste for the internet may be more than a coincidence). Though I’ve read Berry’s essays, I’ve never before heard his voice. This speech sizzles, and the humor both inflames and disarms, simultaneously. I had to work hard to keep it from bringing me to tears. Now I’d better turn off this computer to save a few feet of someone’s mountain.

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