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Freudian Slip

June 8, 2009

Sitting on the couch, I was eager to roll through the bedtime routine, and a little bitter that the after-work arrival of Mommy means the eager execution of all of the behaviors which are nearly impossible all day. Lucia was quietly gulping down milk, Ella was cheerfully picking up her toys, and everyone was just so danged joyful. I was thinking about how hard my life is on these long days, but how glacially it moves. After only a minute, my tiny pity party was curtailed as I opened the tattered princess story book and read the one about Ariel the mermaid for the quadrillionth time. But alas, my subconscious was not deterred. Where the narrator was describing how exciting life was for Ariel once she got legs, my mouth produced this gem (which I would never had noticed without The Wife bursting into laughter):

“Life on land was even more excruciating that she had imagined.”

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