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For Todd

June 28, 2009

I attended a nice farewell for a friend tonight. He’s pastored a church for 3 years, and now he’s moving on. I don’t know much about the situation, but I know it’s been a hugely challenging project: planting a new and innovative church for artists in the ruins of a much older church. Tonight, I was impressed at the diversity of people there to give tribute to him, and the wide variety of gifts used to express those tributes. I wrote this quickly while another friend played a piano piece he had written for the occasion.

of short hair
and long temper

stretching himself
every day
from Stafford
to here
and back again

to push and pull
to plug away
to make a way

leading from the heart
loving from the gut
both family,
and family of faith

soft and hard

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2 Responses to “For Todd”

  1. Todd says:

    thank you Mike. I know your life is as busy as mine; it meant a lot that you came tonight. Thanks for the beautiful tribute.

    I look forward to catching up in a few weeks!

  2. Thanks, Todd. It was an honor to be there, and I was glad for the chance to share some words.

    Like I said, I wrote this quick, and blind. I was glad to see the tension between home and church, which was something I picked up in your closing comments, too.

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