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Storied Subversion

May 28, 2009

Orthodox Heretic might not be Pete Rollins’ most challenging book, but it is surely his most powerful. Having shown his academic chops in his previous two books, Pete shifts gears to show us some true subversion, along with the depth and breadth of his hermeneutic.

This is a collection of parables, each of which acted like a tiny explosive device as they detonated slowly and successively, crumbling my understanding of the world and of Christianity, and showing me something much more beautiful, messy, powerless, and true. Here, Pete displays creative and courageous exegetical skill, his radical interpretation of the essense of Jesus’ teachings and practice, and his deep understanding of human nature. What he leaves us with is a kind of Christianity that supercedes belief: a life of love and sacrifice and fidelity.

So on second thought, perhaps it is Pete’s most challenging book: not challenging to understand, but extremely challenging to live (and I’m sure it was quite challenging to write). Because in it, Pete challenges our very confidence in our ideas of God, pointing us away from the heresy of orthodoxy, and toward orthodox heresy.

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  1. faithsowers says:

    Thanks for the post Mike…looks like I need to pick up the book. Wanna lead a discussion at a cohort meeting about it soon?

    tom lynch

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