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Ode to Mahogany

May 26, 2009

For the past few days I’ve been enjoying a nice outdoor project at the home where I work/live as Caretaker. For many months, I’ve been noodling on this cover for the pool mechanicals (pumps, filters, timers, etc.), trying to figure out how to make exterior plywood into a splinter-free surface. I was in a quandary, until I wondered about just copying what was there before. After all, the pieces in place were pretty banged up, but had been on the job for several decades. So off to the lumberyard I went to purchase some lovely tongue-and-groove mahogany (at the fun price of two bucks per lineal foot!).

The hardest part of the project is yet to come. I expect I’ll need to put on a blindfold when I roll on the first coat of white primer, but it needs to be done: we need a durable, non-skid surface, and even an exterior varnish will fail within several seasons (and will be quite slippery). So I’m reveling in this beauty while I can.


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  1. dave s says:


    can you still taste the mahogany in the back of your throat? I just made a bunch of outdoor planters in spanish cedar (mahogany’s cousin) and after milling that all up, I felt like all I could smell or taste for hours was that dust.


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