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Marathon Monday

May 5, 2009

walk down the center of the road
on an electric April day
pass your bag

through the window of a yellow bus
know you’ll see it again
in twenty-six miles
now stop thinking about that
and consider
that you’ll be a different person
at your reunion

feel the sun on your back
notice the breeze
hear the music
see the crowd
taste the air
smell the sausage cooking
on the village green
evoking something
between hunger and nausea

take it in,

all of it:
the sun
the breeze
the crowd
the air
your hunger

now enter the corral
to pace in circles
with the other caged animals
all breathing, sweating,
pissing, shitting
pulsing with energy
smell the humanity

sweet and sour

take your place
in the human race

think not of the pain
and wait

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