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Giving Up, and Liking It

May 13, 2009

Vacations are all about choices and the art of compromise. Mountains, or beach? Stay at home, or travel? Near, or far? Driving, or flying? Family, friends, or solitude? Budget, or go for broke?

This trip was quick, but a long time in coming. After our last maternity leave, filled as it was with hospitals, surgeries, doctors, nurses, specialists, and stress, we vowed that we’d just get away this time. Indeed, it was difficult for me to get my head around the fact that most babies are healthy, happy, and perfectly portable. Once granted clearance by the pediatrician, they are capable of travel. Oh, sure, they never sleep and are always eating, but that will be true whether you’re home or away. So why not go away?

So we intended to do this long ago, but have hesitated for a number of good reasons. Until finally (and with the end of maternity leave approaching like a bullet train), we made our move: Florida, in the off-season. Cheap plane tickets, check. And Orlando, for some strange reason, is even cheaper than cheap. Hotels there, too, are practically free. So while we’re moving through O-Town, let’s do Disney. What the heck. It’ll be our beach trip, via Mickey. But which beach?

There’s a chance for surf on the East coast– an opportunity to try to re-collect some of my basic surf skills. It would be a compromise, then: waves for Mommy and Daddy, and the beach for the kids. Yet we were somehow pulled Westward, where we found fine white sand beaches with only tiny ripples for waves. Nada surf, but the perfect place for a little kid, and for Mommy and Daddy to stop worrying about the waves and currents that might take our girl away.

All of which has been quite utopic. Which is instructive for a person like me who constantly juggles multiple demands, jobs, interests, relationships, passions, and hobbies. Always trying to fit in more, to keep up with email, and to try to find the best path of compromise through a crowded life. But here, there is no compromise, and there is a lot of freedom. When I lose my agenda, I often find some life.

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  1. MeesheMama says:

    Ah life. Ah rest. Happy rest to you.

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